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Pair of RCA 6C5 Triode Military Vacuum Tubes NOS NIB Matched


RCA 845 NOS Transmitting Power Tube Class A Audio Amplifier Triode


kr audio triode vacuum tube for single ended amp and chinese 845


6112 Vacuum Tube Subminiature Dual Triode NOS JAN Philips / Sylvania


NOS Hytron VT52 Triode Vacuum Tube


JAN 808 - RCA Power Transmitting Triode Vacuum Tube - Continuity Tested Good


NOS Pair TungSol 2C51 Black Plate Twin Triode Vacuum Tubes


Tested General Electric VT-4-C VT4C 211 Transmitting Tube Triode 73KA Date Code


NOS 6111 dual triode subminiature vacuum tubes


Rare Sylvania Type 183 (483) "ST" Power Triode Tube - Test Excellent!


Korg Nutube 6P1 - low-power triode vacuum tube


1 NOS Eimac JAN CIM 100TH Vacuum Tube - 100-Watt Radio Transmitting Triode


Western Electric 216-A Triode Tube Earliest Version Made Collectors Only


Pair of GE 5-Star 6072 (12AY7) Twin Triode Vacuum Tubes


Large RCA Type 50 Triode Vacuum Tube engraved base tests 1200/1500


Vintage RCA 845 Triode Radiotron Electron Tube NOS ULTRA RARE RCA 845 USA Made


One Raytheon '4-Pillar' Type 10 Power Triode (ST16) Amplifier Tube


1 NOS Cetron JAN 6528A Vacuum Tube - Ruggedized 60-Watt Twin Triode


3CX10000H3 RF Power Triode Tube


5998A Dual Triode Vacuum Tube NOS General Electric J.A.N. 6AS7 421A 5998 A


lot of 3 AD1 ~ 4683 European Vintage Triode Output Tubes Tungsram


FIVE 12SN7GTA Sylvania Audio Twin Triode Tubes in Box Tested Great Chrome Top


VACUUM TUBE: NEW NIB 7308 AMPEREX PQ GOLD PIN twin triode tube amp amplifier


Vintage Eimac 3-400Z 8163 Compact power triode transmitting tube


Power Triode "DC Darling"  1626/12A6/12V6 Tube Amplifier Triode Tube


Good RCA 808 Triode Vacuum Tube With Navy Butterfly Plate


Pair of Philips ECG 6111WA Tubes / 6111 WA Twin Triode Audio Tube, NOS


Philco Type 183 (483) Black Plate Globe Power Triode Tube - Tested - Rare!


RF Power Triode Tube-3cx15000h3


1 NOS Cetron JAN 6528A Vacuum Tube - Ultra Ruggedized 60-Watt Twin Triode


Pair Eimac 100TH Triode tubes,NOS, for single ended transformer audio amplifiers


Matched Pair NOS Sylvania VT25A Large Plate Triode Vacuum Tubes #2


Eimac 250TH Tube, High Mu Triode


Raytheon Jan 6832 Submini dual Triode. Matched Pair, Excellent NOS tubes!


1 NOS Sylvania 6L5-G Vacuum Tube - Rare 1946 Vintage Early Style Audio Triode


Ken-Rad Type 7193 (2C22) Octal Triode With 2 Top Cap Electronic Tube